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Land Protection


Frank Cangelosi

Working for an organization whose purpose is to conserve these beautiful places [while balancing the needs of our communities] is fulfilling, inspiring, and gives me hope that future generations may still be able to experience the tranquility and beauty of our natural environment.


Soren Denlinger

“Even as communities in Maine shift and grow, the state’s land area remains the same.  Land protection ensures that land and all its resources remain accessible.”

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Dan Hohl

There is never a one size fits all approach to land conservation. We approach each project with a degree of customization that allows us to determine what the best conservation outcome is.

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Bob DeForrest

“I’ve seen how experiences in nature change people’s perspectives, how it humbles them. We don’t know what’s on the horizon, but having these conserved places will be important.”

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Keith Fletcher

“I grew up in a suburb with an astounding lack of parkland. Thorny woods and an often-smelly crick were the best places for us kids to play, but those early encounters with nature stayed with me. I want to make sure southern Maine develops in such a way that we still have amazing places for kids and adults to visit, and also room for the moose, bear, and bobcat.”


Jeremy Gabrielson

“I do this work for my kids. Conservation makes sure my kids—and all kids—can have these experiences, too.”

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Betsy Ham

“I love the permanent nature of what we do. When we acquire land it’s there for people to enjoy forever.”

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Misha Mytar

“For me, conservation is about fairness and equity. Coastal Maine can be a wonderful place to live with amazing resources. It’s important to me that we make sure these resources are available for everyone.”

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Patrick Watson

“Through conservation we can take an actual physical place—maybe a waterfront meadow that could become a community garden, or a scenic peninsula rich in archaeological resources and sacred to the Passamaquoddy Tribe—and keep it safe from subdivision and exploitation, and make it accessible for many more people to enjoy.”

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Ciona Ulbrich

“To me, conservation is one of the most tangible ways to have an impact on the environment and on quality of life. Our work will last for generations—few can say that. We can make sure that land stays available to those who love it, that wildlife have enough natural habitat to live, and that some of Maine’s natural beauty lasts.”

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Jacob van de Sande

“I love where I live. Here in Washington County we have a unique opportunity to conserve and restore a landscape and its connection to the north Atlantic that can be more productive, more beautiful, and support more a more vibrant and sustainable economy and communities.”