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Mcht Blackisland 145

Nolan Altvater

Mcht Blackisland 145

Kyle Koch

Mcht Deirdre 2018 08 06

Deirdre Whitehead

“To hear from a young Passamaquoddy Tribal member that to be on the land allows the Tribal legends and stories from that place to be alive in the 21st century is very meaningful. I go to sleep at night knowing that this will be so for the future generations.”

Mcht Jacob 2018 08 06.jpg

Jacob van de Sande

“I love where I live. Here in Washington County we have a unique opportunity to conserve and restore a landscape and its connection to the north Atlantic that can be more productive, more beautiful, and support more a more vibrant and sustainable economy and communities.”

Mcht Melissa 2018 08 06.jpg

Melissa Lee

“Land and silence and the peace of the woods and the water are healing and restorative in an ever-crazier world. Conserved lands help us help ourselves.”