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Mount Desert Island

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Trevor Herrick

“I am proud to be a part of retaining access for hikers, anglers, clammers, swimmers, explorers, boaters, and nature lovers.”

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Renee Duncan

“I’m trying to kindle and nourish that little spark we feel when exploring a place—like the Stone Barn Farm—that illuminates the values and work of those who have cared for it across the generations.”

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Joe Taft

To me, land conservation is about balancing human activity with sustainability.


Soren Denlinger

“Even as communities in Maine shift and grow, the state’s land area remains the same.  Land protection ensures that land and all its resources remain accessible.”


Tatia Bauer

Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop a strong sense of place with the natural world.

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Bob DeForrest

“I’ve seen how experiences in nature change people’s perspectives, how it humbles them. We don’t know what’s on the horizon, but having these conserved places will be important.”

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Heidi Smallidge

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Caleb Jackson

“I grew up in a house surrounded by undeveloped forest. By the time I graduated high school the road was three lanes wide and there were shoddily built houses up and down the street. It is sad to see a thriving landscape get flattened and chewed up by sprawl. I want to work against that trend.”

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Misha Mytar

“For me, conservation is about fairness and equity. Coastal Maine can be a wonderful place to live with amazing resources. It’s important to me that we make sure these resources are available for everyone.”