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Aaron Englander

Program Manager, Erickson Fields Preserve

Department: Stewardship
Region: Midcoast
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Aaron was born and raised in Concord, Massachusetts and spent time in, on, and around the rivers and ponds of “Walden Woods,” Nipmuc Tribal homelands. Drawn to Oberlin College for their reputation for social justice, music, and creativity, Aaron got a degree in Biology. Over the past 15 years Aaron has practiced and studied organic farming. He lived for several years on a student farm in Oberlin; went to Hawaii to learn Natural Farming; and received an M.S. in Plant and Soil Science at University of Maine Orono. He currently manages the Erickson Fields Preserve farm and programs for MCHT.

The community aspect of farming fuels Aaron’s fire, along with music, yoga, meditation, and outdoor adventures. Aaron lives in Camden, Burnurwubskek (aka Penobscot) homelands with his family: wife, daughter, two dogs, and some chickens.

Aaron has been with MCHT since 2014.

On land conservation: “Working with young people, I see the impact of MCHT’s work on a daily basis—when a teenager asks why something grows a certain way, or how a bee finds a flower. My hope is that this engagement with nature is the beginning of a life-long respect for the earth.”

On the job: Through MCHT’s Kids Can Grow program, Aaron works with local families to teach gardening and nutritional skills. The Teen Ag Program gets high school students onto conserved lands—planting, growing, and harvesting vegetables for local pantries and restaurants.



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