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Anna Parker

Communications Specialist

Department: Engagement
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Anna (she/her) joins MCHT with a wide range of experience in education and communication and brings a passion for building connections between people and places. In 2021, she graduated with a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from Antioch University, with a focus on environmental education. Before returning to New England, Anna spent three years in Palau, where she ran the communication and outreach efforts at the Palau International Coral Reef Center. She is interested in the role community plays in supporting effective conservation and in identifying creative ways to increase community engagement in her work. Anna loves living in Portland, Maine, with her dog, Archie, and her four chickens.

Anna has been with MCHT since 2022.

On land conservation: “I spent much of my childhood exploring the acres of untouched forests, marshes, and streams that characterize New England—a testament to conservation efforts by organizations like MCHT. These early experiences were extremely formative and provided me with a deep appreciation for the role land conservation plays in sustaining both livelihood and culture. I’m so grateful my path has led me to MCHT, where I can be part of a team devoted to building a more resilient and accessible coast for everyone.”

On the job: Anna is responsible for sharing MCHT stories across our social media platforms and relaying these stories to our donors.