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Emily Marshall

Farm Operations Manager

Department: Stewardship
Region: Midcoast
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Emily (she/her) grew up exploring the woods, waters, mountains and fields of the Wabanaki lands we call Maine, where her passion for Maine’s people and places was born. She spent a year after high school traveling and working with non-profits in Central America and Europe. From there, she went to Lehigh University and graduated with degrees in Political Science and Environmental Studies.

After graduating, Emily worked on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, as well as dairy and veggie farms in New Hampshire. She spent six years as a woodworker, managing a cabinet and furniture shop, and has apprenticed as a sailcloth and canvas seamstress. Most recently, she was the property manager for a 200-acre preserved farm on the Great Bay in Durham, New Hampshire, and worked as the Operations and Finance Specialist for the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire.

Emily lives on the farm in Rockport with her five-year-old daughter Finnlan. She is passionate about agriculture and helping to steward healthy ecosystems and vibrant local communities.

Emily has been with MCHT since 2018.

On land conservation: “I know what its like to grow up with trees, rivers, rocks, and plants for friends. I know the security of being able to grow your own food and harvest your own firewood. I know the strength given by standing on a mountain top or at the ocean’s edge. I know the sense of home that comes with seeing the same bit of land change and grow with the passing seasons. This is in thanks to access to conserved land. For me, land conservation is about natural resource sovereignty and land justice. Protecting, stewarding, and holding these places and resources in common and in perpetuity.”

On the job: Emily takes care of the natural and built resources of Aldermere Farm and Erickson Fields including the homes, barns, fences, fields and forests. Through thoughtful human interactions with land and animals we are able to harvest food and timber products for our community while supporting vibrant local food and ecological systems and cultivating the skills and a love of the land in our youth.

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