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Jay Collier

Digital Communications Strategist

Department: Engagement
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Jay (he/him) comes to MCHT with a range of skills and experience in the digital realm, including at MIT, Dartmouth, and Bates, as well as local and national video production for WGBH in Boston. He has also been an independent digital consultant to many conservation and education organizations in New England, including Harvard Law. He holds a B.S. in communications from Boston University and an M.A. in human development and voluntary service from Vermont College of Norwich University.

Jay has worked at MCHT since 2018.

On land conservation: “My earliest, and fondest memories are of walking and paddling with my family and friends in Vermont and Maine, and learning how the hillside farms, mountain streams, deep lakes, and coastal islands were being managed or returning to the wild.”

On the job: Jay is responsible for stewarding and expanding MCHT’s digital platforms to help constituents engage more deeply with our mission, programs, and activities.

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