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Jeremy Gabrielson

Senior Conservation and Community Planner

Department: Land Protection
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Jeremy moved to Maine during his high school years and after graduating from Georgetown University, he returned to earn a master’s degree in community planning and development from USM’s Muskie School for Public Service. A fellowship with the Island Institute brought Jeremy and his family to the down east community of Machias, where he worked as a regional planner with the Washington County Council of Governments. In addition to conservation of natural places, Jeremy has a strong interest in coastal resiliency, coastal access, and locally driven economic development in rural communities. Jeremy serves on the Beginning with Habitat Steering Committee, and the Coastal and Marine Working Group of the Maine Climate Council. He works closely with partners to provide and interpret scientific and spatial data from state and national sources to inform local decision making.

Today, Jeremy lives in Cape Elizabeth with his wife and two sons and has served in several appointed roles in town government and is currently a member of the Cape Elizabeth Town Council. In his free time, Jeremy enjoys cooking, kayaking and bird watching.

Jeremy has worked at MCHT since 2014.


  • Marshland Protection & Restoration
  • Marsh Migration
  • Coastal Resilience
  • Climate Change
  • Conservation planning
  • Spatial analysis
  • Process design and facilitation

On land conservation: “Jed’s Island in Blue Hill is the first island I ever visited. I remember swimming in the bay with seals all around us and helping my grandfather free a baby seal from a fishing net on the beach. I do this work for my kids. Conservation makes sure my kids—and all kids—can have these experiences, too.”

On the job: Jeremy works with MCHT’s Project Managers and Stewards to develop strategies for conserving land that balance the needs of Maine’s people, plants, and animals. Jeremy meets with people up and down the coast to better understand what’s important to Maine’s coastal communities.