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Kirk Gentalen

Regional Steward

Department: Stewardship
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Kirk (he/him) is a proud graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz (the fightin’ banana slugs!) where he majored in environmental studies. Since he graduated (1993) he’s worked as a naturalist in 11 states. “I worked the school year environmental education camp circuit from 1993-2005 moving all over the country; and sprinkled my summers with ecotourism – bear and eagle tours in Haines, Alaska; elephant seal tours in California; and whale watching out of Bar Harbor. Met a lot of great people, hung out with a lot of kids, learned and experienced loads, but most importantly have spent most of my working life outside. Ain’t no place I’d rather be.”

Kirk has worked at MCHT since 2007.

On land conservation: “I love it when someone comes up and tells me about something they observed or enjoyed on a preserve. I mean, not only do we protect incredibly beautiful, serene places for mushrooms and slime molds—we do it for people, too!”

On the job: Kirk takes care of MCHT conserved land on Vinalhaven and North Haven islands. That means taking care of trail and forestry needs and monitoring easements. He also connects with island residents through environmental education, volunteering, and outreach programs. 

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