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Molly MacGregor

IT Business Solutions & Support Analyst

Department: Finance and Administration
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Molly was raised along the Androscoggin river in the mill town of Rumford, Maine. An introvert by nature, Molly spent much of her time outdoors, hiking or skiing with her husky Paleowolf (any Jan Brett fans out there?) or reading books in her summer sunflower fort. These hobbies haven’t changed much through Molly’s life, leading her to work in the skiing industry, and more recently within the University of Maine System’s distance education centers. Supporting people has always been the common thread, but to do so while working to protect nature is Molly’s bread and butter. In 2018, together with her partner, Molly moved to Brunswick, got a corgi puppy, and quickly got to work exploring all that the coast has to offer.

Molly has been with MCHT since 2020.

On land conservation: “I grew up in western Maine exploring the mountains, lakes, and rivers in all seasons. My father was a Maine Guide, so we spent a lot of time outdoors – gardening, hiking, skiing and swimming were all hobbies we learned as kids. I didn’t realize growing up that my experience in the outdoors was unique- even in Maine. Many people don’t have the education, experience, or resources to safely and responsibly recreate outdoors. That became even more clear to me when I started working in outdoor hospitality during college. I love that I get to work to connect people to the forest and coastal playgrounds of Maine.”

On the job: Molly began at MCHT in the spring of 2020. Recently, she has moved into her new role to help assist the organization with training, technical support, and long-term project planning.

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