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Renee Duncan

MDI Regional Outreach Manager & Stone Barn Farm Steward

Renee (she/her) grew up in southeast Michigan surrounded with huge oak trees, toads, and red-winged blackbirds. She moved to Maine to work with Acadia National Park as the “raptor intern” and has since dedicated her work to learning and teaching about the communities of Mount Desert Island and those radiating beyond. That first summer watching for hawks migrating over Cadillac Mountain and looking out over the mountains and bays helped anchor Renee to Eastern Maine and eventually led to a decade-long journey of directing Summer Field Studies for Children at College of the Atlantic. At Summer Field Studies, Renee fostered opportunities for children to learn about and explore their home. She mentored cohorts of young educators to do the same. She lives in Hancock and takes care of an old barn, a few goats, and lots of trees. She’s a gardener, a facilitator for Downeast Restorative Justice, and serves of the board of her local library.

Renee has been here since 2022.

On Land Conservation: “I’m trying to kindle and nourish that little spark we feel when exploring a place—like the Stone Barn Farm—that illuminates the values and work of those who have cared for it across the generations.”

On the job: Renee takes care of the Stone Barn Farm preserve and coordinates community outreach for the MDI region.