Cousins River Fields and Marsh is now protected!

Thanks to generous donors, we successfully completed the campaign to conserve Cousins River Fields and Marsh.

Salt marsh teeming with life, forestland graced by stately old oaks and pines, and fields with rich agricultural soils make up the diverse landscape of this beautiful and highly visible property on the Cousins River in Yarmouth.

We’re currently in the process of getting to know the preserve, including the plants and animals who live here, and also connecting with the people who know and care about this place. You’re welcome to visit Cousins River Fields and Marsh, but please do so with a light touch as we develop our official visitor guidelines and a draft management plan.

Interested in being part of our effort to get the preserve up and running? Join us for a series of volunteer workdays!

If you have questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Southern Maine Regional Steward Andrew Deci at or 207-729-7366.

We were blown away by the number of people and organizations that joined together to make this conservation effort a success—thank you!

MCHT is now working to conserve dozens more incredible places like this up and down the coast. Make a gift today to join the effort! Thank you.