Renew23 – Automation Testing

This screen contains forms to test the custom fields in all 5 segments of the 2023 renewal automations. (Content was already approved.)

I recommend testing these segments one at a time. It will take up to 5 minutes for the sequence of 3 messages to begin delivering to you and it will be easier to look at one sequence’s messages all together before moving on to the next segment.

If you haven’t tested these automations with the email address you’ll be entering, let Jay know to add sample values to your Vbout record:

  • Salutation – [#FIELD-303036#] –  “Name-eSal”
  • Last Gift Fund – [#FIELD-433702#] – “the entire coast”
  • Last Giving Year Total – [#FIELD-648650#] – “$999.99”

Once all 5 sequences are approved, we’ll change the delay to 60 days between Anniv and FUp1 and to 60 days between FUp1 and FUp2. I will also change to predictive sending, so the messages will be delivered at optimal times, based on prior opens.

Then, whenever donors are added to the 5 lists, then they will begin a 3-message journey — unless they are included in a suppression list updated at 50 and 110 days into the cycle.

The automation system details are here:

Renew23 – 1 General

Renew23x – 2 TPC

Renew23x – 3 Next Wave

Renew23x – 4 TPC Prospect

Renew23x – 5 No Ask