“Fishers are King” Talk

Join Maine Coast Heritage Trust steward and naturalist, Kirk Gentalen on Zoom on Thursday, November 17 for a lively presentation that dives head-first into what makes the Fisher everyone’s favorite/least favorite member of the Mustelid (weasels) family!

Kirk will share personal stories, photos, and videos to make this a Thursday night full of education and appreciation as we explore the habits of Fishers in Midcoast Maine.

Tracking tips and advice will be shared, and reviews (often uncensored) of ‘helpful’ tools will be shared as well.

“Fishers are King” is the third (and dare we say final?) chapter in a trilogy of wildlife appreciation presentations presented by Kirk, who shares his knowledge of Maine’s natural world in his blog, Nature Bummin’.

Kirk Gentalen has 28 years of environmental education experience from all over the country. His main hobby is to be entertained by the natural world, and he’s found that the “big Fisher in his neighborhood” is a source of boundless bundles of entertainment.

Kirk lives on the St. George peninsula with his family. In addition to writing Nature Bummin’, he also edits the Vinalhaven Sightings Report.

Zoom link:

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