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2018 Annual Report

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Photo: Ceci Danforth

MCHT donors made so much possible in 2018.

The proof is in the acres conserved, the miles of trail cleared, the glimpses of lives made better through land conservation. Thank you to all who gave so generously in 2018 to keep the coast Maine.

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Tim Glidden

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Kurt Klebe
Board Chair

Together we protected, in perpetuity, 27 places along the coast, and cared for scores of public preserves. And that hardly begins to cover it all.

27 places conserved in 2018

Nearly 3,000 acres conserved (that’s over half the size of Camden Hills State Park) including 64,000 feet of shoreline (that’s more than 12 miles)

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Photo: Pat Watson

437 places stewarded in 2018

More than 37,000 acres monitored and cared for (that’s nearly the size of Acadia National Park), including 90 miles of trail (that’s the distance from Portland to Belfast)

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Photo: Sophie Nelson

Did You Know?

Together we’re making the Maine coast more resilient to climate change. Here’s how.

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Photo: © Ken Woisard Photography

Together we’re reconnecting Maine's coastal rivers to the sea. Here’s how.

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Photo: © Ken Woisard Photography

In 2018, a record number of people made donations to MCHT, including 765 first-time donors. 465 volunteers pitched in 4,190 hours. Donors gave, and MCHT got to work.

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Photo: Elizabeth Campbell

Land trust leadership by the numbers

80 conservation organizations supported by MCHT’s Land Trust Program

32 land trusts and 30 towns directly assisted by field staff

1,500 hours in Augusta lobbying, strategizing, and developing relationships with legislators on behalf of Maine’s conservation community

2,000 receiving biweekly updates from MCHT staff on the most important news in land conservation

Want to know more? MCHT’s Public Policy Manager offers the inside scoop.

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Photo: Melissa Lee

Stewardship by the numbers

7.5 more miles of trail

22 major invasive species removal projects

new visitor parking lots

Want to know more? Check out stewardship highlights from the year.

The numbers say a lot… and so do the smiling faces.

9 entirely new preserves created

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Photo: MCHT photo

MCHT’s newest and largest mainland preserve in the midcoast encompasses ecologically rich Weskeag Marsh—a great birdwatching spot!

15 beach cleanups organized

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Photo: Caitlin Gerber

Members of Portland Community Squash picked up trash on East Clapboard Island Preserve.

30,000 pounds of food grown

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Photo: Aaron Englander

This year’s Teen Ag Crew grew a record amount of food (25,000 nutritious meals) for hunger relief agencies, schools, and local businesses on conserved land. Meet one of the crew members.

250 people (mostly kiddos) participated in ongoing and in-depth outdoor programs

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Photo: Melissa Lee

Members of the Lubec Outing Club explored nearby conserved lands with steward Melissa Lee.

Collaborated with 95 nonprofits and organizations

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Photo: © Jerry Monkman

Members of the Blue Hill Peninsula Ski Club enjoy a winter afternoon at Witherle Woods Preserve.

3,350 people connected to the land through field trips and public events

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Photo: Ceci Danforth

28 joined us on a special field trip to Black Island Preserve in Frenchboro.

Want to see more?

View a detailed printable map (1.8 MB PDF download) of places conserved and cared for on the coast in 2018, and stats on all that donor support made possible.

Are you smiling yet? Check out more places and faces from 2018.

Photo credits in order of appearance: © Ken Woisard Photography, Sarah Hinckley, Frank Wilson, Woodley Osborne, © Ken Woisard Photography, MCHT Photo, John Burrows, Ceci Danforth, Bridget Besaw, © Ken Woisard Photography

Generosity in Action, 2018

We value all gifts to Maine Coast Heritage Trust and make sure they go as far as possible for the Maine coast. For every $10 MCHT spent in 2018, $8 went directly to protecting and caring for coastal lands and islands and connecting people to the coast.

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The above represents a summary of how your generous contributions were spent during 2018 and the sources of funds applied. Our 2018 audited financial statements and Form 990 will be available later this year. A complete set of MCHT’s 2017 audited financial statements are available at

The largest coastal conservation Campaign in Maine’s history: an update

Since 2014, every gift to Maine Coast Heritage Trust—from $10 to $10,000—has added up, and we’re past the 105 million mark in our ongoing $125 Campaign to address urgent threats to the coast.

Thank you to all who have given so far! Due to the extraordinarily generous Bass Family Match, an additional $1 will be released for every $3 donated through the end of 2019 and the conclusion of the Campaign. Update 12/18/2019: The Bass Match concluded in December 2019.

Thank you donors

Thank you to everyone who gave to Maine Coast Heritage Trust in 2018. You made so much possible for the coast.

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Tripp Kise, donor, volunteer, and member of MCHT’s Next Wave on why he gives to Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

"My family has long been connected to the Maine coast and its conservation even though we were merely summer folks. Wanting to spend more time amongst the islands I fell in love with as a child, I moved here full-time in 2010 and haven’t looked back.

It’s imperative that we preserve our coast—for its natural beauty and for those who depend upon it for a living.

That’s why I give to MCHT."

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Photo: @ Ken Woisard Photography