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Maine Heritage

Fall 2021 - Midcoast Edition

With the conservation of Sheep Island, MCHT adds to a string of island preserves off Owls Head.

From the President

On the Mission

While serving as MCHT’s president over the past ten years, I’ve seen this organization adapt and stretch in remarkable and necessary ways to remain true to its mission.

We’ve also weathered tremendous challenges, which is not in and of itself an accomplishment, but rather an indicator of the organization’s strength, agility, and competence over the long haul.

Thanks to you and others who support MCHT year after year, we have capacities today that we didn’t dream about 50 years ago.

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Featured Stories

Sheep Island Stays Open

Sheep Island has been a popular destination for Owls Head locals for many years now. When the island went up for sale in 2020, we heard from many asking if MCHT could conserve Sheep and ensure this tradition of public access continued.

The fundraising effort was a success! Many gave generously and now this island will become an MCHT preserve—one of several off Owls Head. MCHT has also conserved Ash Island and Monroe Island and worked with the town to create the Richard Carver Harbor Park.

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Meeting People Where They Are

MCHT is always looking for creative ways to get food grown on our conserved lands to those who need it. This year, Erickson Fields Preserve produce made its way to share tables at local churches, libraries, and other community centers, where anyone and everyone is welcome to take home fresh food.

We also collaborated with Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport to offer produce in the entryway of the family health and pediatrics unit. So far, they’ve distributed over 3,000 pounds.

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Pitching in to Save Little Whaleboat Island

Helene Marsh Harrower and Judy Marsh, MCHT donors

This year Brunswick’s Paul’s Marina celebrated its 75th anniversary with a fundraiser. About 400 people gathered at the marina under twinkle lights and a full moon to raise a total of $50,000 to support the effort to protect Little Whaleboat Island.

This is the third Maine Coast Heritage Trust project the Marsh family and the extended Paul’s Marina community have supported over the years. This group also helped conserve Whaleboat Island in 2002 and the Goslings in 2014.

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In Brief

Name that MCHT Preserve

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Some hints…

This preserve connects to Coastal Mountains Land Trust’s Beech Hill Preserve.

It’s home to community agricultural programs and gardens.

It was formerly a dairy farm operated by the Erickson family.

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Thanks to our Donors

Everything you read about here is possible thanks to MCHT donors and supporters. Thank you for all you do for the Maine coast.

Have you made your gift to MCHT? If not, give today, and keep up the good work for the coast.

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