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Long Point, Machiasport

With a rich history, this scenic point in Machiasport boasts incredible natural beauty with sweeping views to the islands of outer Machias Bay.

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Long Point is great for:

Hiking – Lace up your hiking boots for a picturesque excursion that begins along a dirt road before leading to a more rustic path that eventually loops around the rugged peninsula, totaling just over three miles.

Wildlife Observation – Be ready with binoculars to spot seals, bald eagles, osprey, or the next songbird singing in the surrounding forest or shorebird feeding in adjacent mudflats.

How to get there

Traveling east on Route 1 in East Machias, take a right on Willow Street across from the Fire Station. Follow Willow Street 0.2 mile and take a right onto Route 191 at the stop sign. Follow Route 191 south for 2 miles and then take a right on the East Side Road. Travel for 1.8 miles to the 12-car parking lot on the left. This parking lot is appropriate for those wanting the long walk or school buses. A new parking lot is available up the hill on the other side of the beach if your vehicle can get up the hill. Please continue down the road on foot from there.

Get directions from Google Maps Printable Preserve Map

For a complete map with legend and guidelines, click on the Printable Preserve Map above.

Long Point Preserve Tour

Notes on topography, flora, and fauna

The 180-acre Long Point Preserve, located in the town of Machiasport, is mostly forested, with a few sections of early successional shrubland, old field, and intertidal habitats including fringing salt marsh, bold headland, and cobble beaches. The point itself is one of the most scenic properties on Machias Bay, with sweeping views to the bay’s outer islands.

The preserve encompasses most of the peninsula that juts out into the bay, including the prominence known as Long Point itself. This point is connected to the rest of the peninsula via a narrow isthmus, with a sweeping cobble beach on Cottage Cove to the south and productive clam flats to the north. A small portion of the preserve has frontage on the western shore on Holmes Point; the rest of the shoreline faces Cottage Cove and Little Bay. Please respect private property on the western shore of the Preserve.

Machias Bay enjoys extraordinary archeological and cultural resources dating back thousands of years. Part of the ancestral homeland of the Passamaquoddy, Machias Bay also saw early European exploration as well as being the site of the first naval battle of the Revolutionary War.

Help protect Long Point’s history

MCHT is partnering with the Passamaquoddy Tribe, the State Historic Preservation Office, and the University of Maine at Orono to monitor and protect the cultural and historic resources of Machias Bay. You can help by staying on marked trails and contacting MCHT if you happen to find any archeological artifacts or note any vandalism.

How Long Point became open to the public

MCHT acquired the preserve through the purchase and donation of seven separate parcels over seven years, from 2013 through 2020.

Preserve information/guidelines

  • No camping permitted
  • No fires permitted
  • Carry Out All Trash
    • Including Human and Pet Waste and Toilet Paper
  • Keep Pets Under Strict Voice or Leash Control
  • Do not remove any archeological artifacts
  • Please respect privacy of preserve’s neighbors