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Salmon Farm Inappropriate for Frenchman Bay

Release date: August 31, 2021

Contact: Tim Glidden,  (207) 607-4371

After much deliberation and consultation with members, conservation allies, and the broader community, Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s Board of Directors voted to oppose the American Aquafarms salmon farm proposal slated for the heart of the Acadia region.

“Based on currently available information, we believe this proposal’s proximity to Acadia National Park, its scale, and expected level of activity would be incompatible with existing uses in Frenchman Bay,” shared MCHT Board Chair Tom Armstrong. “With many unanswered questions remaining and informed by 50 years of working with the National Park Service and other partners in the region, MCHT has no other option but to oppose American Aquafarms aquaculture lease application.”

“Earlier this year, MCHT reached out to the Army Corps of Engineers and asked for a full Environmental Impact Statement to ensure that the public has the answers needed to assess the possible impacts from this unprecedented proposal,” added MCHT President Tim Glidden.

“Aquaculture is an important component of Maine’s working waterfront and new leases are something MCHT has only opposed one other time in the last twenty years,” stated MCHT Public Policy Committee Chair Sam Spencer. “However, this proposal is far different than others we have evaluated in recent years. It is critical for those of us who care deeply for Acadia National Park to come together and protect the unique recreational, cultural, ecological, and economic resource that is Frenchman Bay.”

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