Help Protect High Island

Updated 12/18/2018: MCHT successfully conserved High Island in 2016 and it is now a public preserve. Learn more about High Island Preserve.

MCHT has an opportunity to protect this scenic island centrally located between Long Cove and Tenants Harbor in Saint George. The island’s sheltered cove and proximity to the mainland makes it easily accessible to those seeking outstanding views and quiet coastal charm. Since 1992, Tanglewood 4-H Camp has used High Island as a base for its week-long programs, day-long excursions, family camps and weekend leadership solo events. The current owners now need to sell the island. Future private ownership could jeopardize access to the island for both the public and Tanglewood programs.

Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT) in collaboration with Tanglewood hopes to ensure that High Island can be enjoyed by many generations to come. Following a legal agreement with the owners, MCHT proposes to work with a local committee to raise the funds necessary to purchase the island within the next two years. MCHT’s ownership would ensure that High Island is open to the public and that its ecological and scenic values are protected forever.

Read an article in The Boston Globe about the effort to protect High Island.


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