In My Words, Zhenya Mikha, Teen Ag Crew Alum

Zhenya Mikha started participating in Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s Teen Ag Program at Erickson Fields Preserve in Rockport in the summer of 2020, became a Leader in the program in 2021 and in the spring of 2022. She plans to attend college in Maine and study ecology and psychology.

What did you learn in your time on the Teen Ag Crew?

I knew a little bit about different sustainable farming methods, but it was interesting to see what Aaron [Englander, program manager] does. We used things like bone char and fermented fish on the plants. We ground up the fish right here—it was kind of gruesome but also really cool. I plan to study ecology and psychology, and maybe someday work in the conservation field.

What about conservation interests you?

I’m interested in animals and land conservation. So much land is depleting, and we’re losing an incredible amount of animals. Even thinking about all the species that have been depleted in my lifetime… it’s so sad. Plus, I’ve always been an animals nerd. I love my dog, and I also love learning about all kinds of animals— whale, rhinos, reptiles are really interesting.

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