Why Sign in When You Visit a Preserve?

We understand why you don’t always sign in when you visit a preserve. Perhaps you don’t notice the registration form at the kiosk, you’d rather not share information, or you’re doubtful anyone checks it.

Let us assure you: Maine Coast Heritage Trust land stewards check them regularly, and find it extremely useful when you sign in!

No elves—good to know!

You might see something before we do

Is something obstructing the trail? Are you having difficultly navigating your way around the preserve? Did you spot invasive species, poison ivy, or something else that needs some attention?

Did you find an otter den? Spot a rare bird? Or find evidence of other wildlife we should know about?

Let us know in the comments! (Or give us a call if it’s urgent.)

“When more people are paying attention, the land benefits. “

MCHT stewards get out on the land as often as possible, but we need help from all of you. Sometimes you’re the first to notice changes at a preserve and sometimes you’ll see something that we missed.

When more people are paying attention, the land benefits.

Seasonal staff stand before a new sign at Bog Brook Cove Preserve.

The more information we have, the better we can manage the land

Who is visiting a preserve? Locals? Folks from out of town? How often and for what purpose? The answers to these questions are critical when it comes to managing a preserve, and you provide them when you sign the registration form.

The more visitors a preserve gets, the more we need to invest in caring for that place. And if we know how it is used we can better prioritize updates and improvements to the preserve over time.

Your insights guide us in our work

When MCHT first conserves a place, we conduct a natural resources inventory and hold stakeholder meetings with town representatives, talk with people who know and use the land, and any others who have information or thoughts to share.

“If we know how the land is used we can better prioritize updates and improvements to the preserve over time.”

And we continue to do so over time to make sure we’re protecting the natural integrity of the land while also helping to serve the needs of the surrounding community and preserve visitors. The information you provide goes a long way in helping us do that.

We’ll be in touch with more info about places to visit and how you can help support MCHT’s work

Boot Head Preserve

When you provide your contact information, MCHT will be in touch with news of conservation successes, other places on the coast you might be interested in visiting, special field trips and events to check out, and more.

In addition to conservation news, MCHT will also send you donation requests and information about volunteer opportunities. The work of protecting land and caring for public preserves doesn’t happen without help from donors and supporters.

Thank you!

Next time you visit a preserve, we hope you’ll sign in at the kiosk.

These preserves belong to all of us. Thank you so much for helping take care of them.