You Can Help Keep the Coast Open

Update (11/28/2018): The Giving Tuesday fundraising effort was a success!

Nearly 90 people stepped up to give more than $15,000 to keep the coast open, which was matched 3 to 1 to surpass the $20,000 fundraising goal. Thank you to all who gave and supported this effort! Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s work to conserve the coast doesn’t happen without you.

As a percentage of its total area, Maine has the least amount of state and federal conserved land of any state along the eastern seaboard, coming in at just 6.5%. (Compared to New Jersey’s 18.7%!)

Keep the Coast OpenThat’s where you come in. Through Maine Coast Heritage Trust, people like you who care about an open, healthy Maine coast come together to protect the places we love—and our access to them.

On November 27, 2018, MCHT took part in Giving Tuesday, a worldwide giving movement, with a goal to raise $20,000 to keep the coast open.

A history of creating access to the coast

Since 1970, MCHT donors have helped create more than 130 coastal preserves—ranging from vast undeveloped islands to downtown pocket parks and everything in between—all free, open to the public, and well cared for by MCHT’s stewardship staff.

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But there’s more to do

And yet, it’s still hard to get to the coast. If you spend any time here, you know this all too well. You’ve seen a “no trespassing” sign go up at your favorite swimming hole, or new owners forbid you from taking that well-worn path to the shore.

In fact, right now, only 1% of the Maine coast offers guaranteed water access points for commercial and recreational use. And as waterfront property gets increasingly expensive, it becomes increasingly difficult to make sure we save the special places where people access the shore. 

So let’s make it happen now.

Here’s your chance to make a difference for the coast

This #GivingTuesday will you join the effort to raise $20,000 to keep the coast open? 

Your gift to MCHT will be put right to work to protect land and care for that land to make it more accessible to folks. That means another acre conserved, another “Welcome” sign going up, another mile of trail completed. 

Your gift will be matched!

Bass MatchRight now, every $3 you give to MCHT will be matched by $1—making your gift go even further for the coast. Update 12/18/2019: The Bass Match concluded in December of 2019.

Give back to the Maine coast on Giving Tuesday, and keep tabs on MCHT’s Facebook page and Instagram for updates on November 27. This should be fun!


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