Cabin Reservations

Get to know the Maine coast and inland waters by staying at one of MCHT’s reservable cabins.

Updated 2/6/2023

All cabin reservations are closed at this time but they will be reopening this spring. Donors to MCHT who have opted into email communication from us should keep and eye on their inboxes for an email explaining how cabin reservations will work this year, including the date and time of the reopening! In the meantime, please remember:

  • All reservations must be made online, we will not be taking phone-calls for reservation inquiries.
  • Cabins are available for three-night stays (Monday through Thursday or Friday through Monday).
  • Reservations are first come first serve—we don’t maintain a wait-list for reservations.
  • Please limit to one reservation per household (regardless of cabin location).

Thank you for loving the Maine coast as much as we do! Remember: all of MCHT’s preserves are free and open to you. We hope you can get out and explore.

Reservable Cabins